RX Labels

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 RX Labels

What are RX Labels ? 

Rx Labels designs and manufactures the highest quality custom thermal labels, laser sheet labels, and direct thermal labels to your exact specifications.

These RX Labels will greatly improve your professional image. We understand your labeling needs; the expertise it requires and therefore we only provide the highest quality labels. 


Why Purchase our RX labels ? 

RX Labels are fresh and affordable sticky label for your pop top bottles, tubes and carrier bags, providing clean and coordinated Labels for your storage and sales.

Each RX label has an attractive elegant finish, making it nice and simple to mark details about bottle contents on the side. All the labels we sell contain generic warnings and allow you to customise each bottle with information specific to the edibles, herbs and concentrates inside

Check out this cool video on RX labels to give you an insight on what they look like !  


Looking for additional information on RX Labels ? 

Visit our contact page and get in touch ! Or visit this page which can provide you with more information.  


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