13 Dram Pop Tops

13 Dram Pop Tops

Why Purchase our Pop Tops ?

Are you searching for a safe and sturdy plastic container to store your Medication, herbs or other miscellaneous items?  Well then you’re in luck as Loud packaging proudly offers these 13 dram pop tops.

Our Premium Child Resistant Pop Top Bottles are an easy, convenient, and safe way to store medication and other small items. To open, simply squeeze the sides near the top of the bottle and hear the "pop" that made these bottles famous. Our Premium Pop Top Bottles are made from recyclable BPA-free polypropylene plastic and feature a positive seal for enhanced freshness.

High Quality Pop Tops ! 

Loud Packaging Pop Tops have a fantastic reputation for there high quality with their range of pop top bottles. Our Pop tops are available in a cool range of colors ranging from Green, Smoke, Clear and Purple.

How much does 13 dram hold ? 

These 13 dram pop tops hold 2 grams and are a perfect match for when you want to store medicine to keep away from children and, or to store herbs. Shop today for an absolute bargain of a price for 315 bottles! For any inquires contact us on our Instagram page or on our email down below.

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Go Green with your Pop Tops today! 

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